Split is second biggest city in Croatia and the biggest city in Dalmatia, one of the five regions of Croatia. This city is 17 century old and it has developed into popular destination with rich history, tradition and cultural heritage during its existence.


There are many significant and valuable monuments to visit in Split but we would like to highlight historical core of Split:


  • Diocletian palace – one of thebest preservedRoman temples in theworld built by the Roman emperor Diocletian. Since 1979. has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites because of its excellent


  • The Cathedral of Saint Domnius – this is Catholic cathedral located in Diocletian palace and the oldest cathedral in the whole world. At first, this cathedral was mausoleum of Diocletian and today it is a place of liturgy. The most significant medieval arhitecture is the bell tower of the Cathedral whose construction began in the 13th century. This monument is 57 meters tall and tourist can enjoy in breathtaking view on the old city and turquoise blue Adriatic sea.


  • Golden, Silver, Iron and Brass Gate – This four gatesrepresentthe entranceto the Diocletain palace and they are all connected by two main streets.


  • Vestibule – this was the entrance to the residential part of the palace.


  • Peristyle – a monumental court situated in the centre of the Diocletian palace, in front of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius


  • The Substructures – the basement halls of Diocletian palace are one of the best preserved ancient complexes in the world. Today, there are many souvenir shops throughout that area and just above is the Peristyle square and the Cathedral of Saint Domnius.