Zagreb is Croatia’s capital, the economic, cultural, administrative and political centre of the Republic of Croatia. Besides this, thanks to geographic location, Zagreb has become a crossing point for mass international communication. Speaking of geographic characteristics of this city, it’s important to mention some natural beauties worth of visiting when you come to Zagreb.

First, Medvednica mountain situated north of Zagreb. The highest peak, at 1,035 m is Sljeme. Most of the area of Medvednica is a nature park, a type of preservation lesser than a national park. Don’t forget that Sljeme is familiar because of the World Cup alpine ski race called Snow Queen.

Another place worth visiting is Grič hill. There you’ll find a medieval nucleus of the city called Kaptol and Gornji Grad. Gornji Grad is just one of the districts of Zagreb located on city’s hillside. The most popular monument to visit there is definitely Zagreb’s neo-gothic cathedral, Zagreb Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary. Just below is a famous central market Dolac from where you can easily walk to Zagreb’s central square, Trg bana Jelacica.

Besides this, walking through picturesque narrow streets, you can enjoy the view of the tower Lotrscak, the gothic church of St Mark, the Stone Gate, the bishop’s palace with St. Stephen chapel, the Baroque church of St Catherine, the Bloody Bridge, the monument to St. George, the Museum of Zagreb, and many others.