Brač island is the third largest island in the Adriatic and also the largest in Dalmatia. This beautiful central Dalmatian island is 40 km long and 12 km wide. It is situated between the island of Hvar on the east and the island of Šolta on the west, only 6 to 13 kilometers away from the city of Split. Brač island is also known as one of the sunniest regions in Croatia with more than 2,700 hours of sunshine annually.


The specificity of this island are untouched nature, rich flora and fauna, beaches of the finest sand and many bays such as Milna, Pučišća and Bobovača. Besides that, the main attraction which is also the symbol of the Brač island, is the amazing Zlatni Rat beach, located in a little town Bol. This symbol is recognizable because of its long pebble beach changing its location, shape and size depending on the wind.


Except mentioned natural beauties, visitors can also enjoy in cultural heritage like the desert Blaca, situated on the west side of the tallest peek of the Brač island – Vidova gora. Also, on the southern slopes of Vidova gora is located Dragon’s cave, an extremely unusual and interesting set of reliefs. Visitors can also enjoy in the beauty of old churches and palaces that are located all over the island.


Brač island is also known for its white stone and cutting tradition which is used in building Diocletian’s palace in the city of Split and also in the White House in Washington D.C.


This island is also famous for its olives, fishing and viticulture.


Except above-mentioned little places, other popular destinations on the island of Brač are Supetar, Sumartin, Postira, Sutivan, Nerežišća, Blaca, Povlja, Škrip, Murvica and Ložišća.

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