Obonjan Island is an uninhabited Croatian island, situated in the Šibenik archipelago. The total area of this island is just half a square kilometer.


In the past it was known as the island of snakes, till the mongooses were brought to the island for the extermination of those reptiles. Until 1971 the island was completely disorganized, and from that year onwards, groups of young scouts started visiting it regularly and they built all the necessary facilities on the island, including accommodation facilities, beach, amphitheater, playground and large water tank. In this way, they have turned this island into an ideal place for holidays. Because of the fact that this island was visited by many generations of young scouts from all over the Croatia, this island is also called the Island of Youth.


This beautiful uninhabited island has attracted investors from the British company Sound Channel, which, together with the Croatian company Gratiosus and Slovenian tour operator Collegium Mondial Travel, in 2015 took the island under a 50-year concession. Accommodation facilities, beaches, beautiful nature and uniqueness of the island were more than enough reason for investors to decide to turn this peaceful island into an idyllic party destination.


From the summer season 2016 investors are working on this project to present Obonjan Island as the leader of a modern, urban and entertainment tourism, not only in the region, but also in the Mediterranean.


In that way, Obonjan Island becomes a prime destination with unique concept that combines great music, art, excellent gastronomy, wellness facilities, creativity, fun and sustainable development with the aim of attracting visitors from all around the world.