Pag Island is one of the most indented island in the Adriatic. It is about 270 km long, with a width of 2 to 9 km. It is located below the Velebit mountain and because of the strong wind called “bura” that blows during the winter months from the mentioned mountain, Pag Island has the moon-like surface.  The reason of this comparison is the large amount of sea salt on the soil, scattered by the wind, which prevents vegetation presence.


In relation to the eastern part of the island, the western part is geographically lower and abounds with vegetation. Namely, in the southwestern part of the Pag bay is one of the most beautiful forest reserve area of even 429 hectares, known as the Dubrava – Hanzine.


The city of Pag on Pag Island is a typical example of the Renaissance city. It is known as the city of cheese, lace and salt. It contains many historical and cultural sites such as statues, churches, monasteries and many others.


One of the special attractions for all visitors is the Pag Triangle – a megalithic impress discovered by one of the Croatian geologist, situated close to the town of Novalja. The specificity of this natural phenomenon is that the rocks inside the triangle are of different structure and different color than rocks outside the triangle. This special island is also known for its scientifically proven and tested medicinal mud which helps in the treatment of dermatological and rheumatic diseases. The largest concentration of mud can be found in Lokunja, the south-west part of the town of Pag.


Besides above mentioned attractions, tourists can enjoy the sandy and pebble beaches, blue turquoise water and Mediterranean climate. One of the most popular and most beautiful beaches in the Pag Island is Zrće beach, located near the town of Novalja. This beach was declared in 2002 as the most beautiful and the tidiest beach on the Adriatic sea. In the last few years has become known as the Croatian Ibiza and was ranked among the unavoidable destination for music festivals and wild nights out.


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