Vis Island is one beautiful and quiet island situated in Adriatic Sea at a distance of 45 km to the mainland. In the aquatorium of Vis are many other surrounding islands and islets which are also worth visiting such as Ravnik, Biševo, Jabuka, Svetac, Brusnik and many others. Vis Island belongs to the Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot summers but, thanks to the fact that this island is far from the continental mainland, it is exposed to stronger winds than the other islands in Adriatic. Because of this distance, the sea is pure and clear as crystal so swimming on the island of Vis is an unforgettable experience.


Vis fascinates its visitors with numerous natural beauties. Its rocks hide many caves and the most attractive one is the Blue cave, also known as the Blue Grotto (the sun’s rays and their rejection of the seabed create specific lighting effects) and the Green cave (the sun light that enters through the opening on its top and breaks on the sea surface, colors cave in green).


Besides the caves, this island has many magnificent lagoons. Bay Stiniva, with its beautiful beach, is located on the top of the charts and it is the symbol of the Vis Island. All beaches are accessible by land, but for those with an adventurous spirit, there’s always an option of climbing cliffs and discovering beautiful parts of the coast by boat.


In addition to the mentioned natural beauty, the island of Vis is rich with a pleasant rural households and famous restaurants where tourists can try white wine Vugava, protected vine sort of the Vis Island.