National park


The Kornati National Park is situated in north of Dalmata, west from the city of Šibenik. This beautiful national park contains 89 islands, islets and reefs and the total area of the park is 220 square kilometers.


This archipelago contains 152 island, but only 89 of them was declared a national park in 1980 because of its rich marine ecosystem, its exceptional natural beauty and abundance of natural bays.


The Kornati National Park is divided into two main groups – Lower Kornati, locally known as Donji Kornati and Upper Kornati known as Gornji Kornati. The most attractive part of this archipelago are definitely vertical cliffs facing the open sea, known as “the crowns”. Some of the highest cliffs are located on the island of Klobučar (80 m), Mani (65 m), Rašip veli (64 m) and others.


Besides the cliffs, special attraction for every visitor are also straits Mala and Vela Proversa. Another natural phenomenon is Magazine Slate – a 9100 m2 smooth, large and bare surface of limestone, situated near Metlina.


Kornati are not permanently inhabited and the facilities built on the islands are intended for tourism purposes only. Because of its many fishermen’s houses and untouched nature, the Kornati National Park are the perfect destination for boaters, divers and tourists looking for ‘Robinson’ tourism.