National park


The Krka river is natural karst phenomenon made of seven travertine waterfalls situated near the city of Šibenik. Those waterfalls are Skradinski buk, Roški slap, Miljacka slap, slap Rošnjak, Manojlovački slapovi, slap Brljan and Bilušića buk.


Because of its exceptional beauty and natural value, the most attractive part of the Krka and Čikola river was proclaimed a national park in 1985 with the total area of 109 square kilometers. Except already mentioned waterfalls, this national park is also significant for its many caves located on this area as well as its rich and preserved ecosystem.


Namely, within the boundaries of the national park visitors can enjoy watching even forty caves and pits created from tectonic fissures.


The inevitable destination for every visitor of the Krka national park is the island of Visovac, also known as the Lady’s Island. This little island was founded during the reign of Louis I of Hungary and it is one of the most important natural and cultural values in the Croatia.


On the Visovac Island are located Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Mercy, the Church of Our Lady of Visovac and museum with a number of important archaeological collections such as a collection of historic church vessels and vestments. In addition to these collections, the museum also contains historical manuscripts, incunabula and valuable books.