National park


Mljet National Park is located in the northwestern part of the Mljet Island and because of its outstanding natural beauty it has been proclaimed a national park in November 1960. National Park covers the coastal strip of 500 m and includes numerous islands, islets and reefs.


The most attractive locations in the area of national park are Large Lake and Small Lake, locally known as Veliko i Malo jezero. The lakes attracts many tourists each year because of its geological position and endemic plants on the coastal rocks.


Besides its rich endemic flora, Mljet Island is also home to a large number of endemic animal species that live in local caves and pits.


Mljet National Park is also known because of its cultural heritage where we would like to highlight settlement Polače placed on the walls of the late antique palace, cultural heritage of St. Mary Island, settlement Babina Kuća, Pomene, Goveđari and Soline as well as its surrounding area.