National park


Due to its exceptionally rich flora and geomorphologic features, Paklenica was proclaimed a national park in 1949 and covers an area of 96 square kilometers.


A special attractions in this national park are the canyons of Small and Large Paklenica situated on the southern slopes of Velebit mountain. Except that, there is Croatia’s largest rock Anića Kuk which is 712 m high and presents a challenge to many climbers. Anića Kuk offers a panoramic view on the gorge of Velika Paklenica and other peaks of Velebit mountain. The highest peaks in Paklenica are Vaganski Vrh – 1757 meters high and Sveto Brdo – 1753 meters high.


Magnificent place in Paklenica National Park is the cave Manita Peć which thrills every visitor with its spaciousness, stalactites and cave decorations. Also, there is a 300 meters long cave Vodarica Pit, the longest cave in this area.